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Editorial review

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John Static Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 2.6
You're in a country which blocks some of your favorite websites ?
You're browsing Internet through a hotspot and you fear that someone could steal your data or your passwords?
You just feel safer by being sure that your provider and your state can't know what you're doing?
Featuring a secure tunnel connection between you and the VPN, a correct speed (average for the free version: 150kb/sec), and an ad blocker, this software will perfectly fit your needs.
The free version allows you to browse Internet, play online games, etc. But when surfing the Internet with a browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Google Chrome, the VPN sometimes adds an advertisement on the front on the page: that's fair because they are not many and the VPN anyways needs money like everyone of us. If you want to get better speed or just get rid of the ads, you can consider buying the Elite version which features in addition an enhanced malware protection, and a technical support.
To summarize, this is a great VPN for everybody: for occasional users, the free version should be enough but regular users should take a look at the elite version which could better fit their needs.


  • Nice speed in the free version
  • Encrypted connection
  • Enables access to any website
  • Works with any games and torrent managing software
  • Unlimited access


  • User tracking
  • Ads in the free version

What's new in version 3.4

- bug fixes.

Publisher's description

This official description applies to version 3.4

Hotspot Shield is a program that allows you to protect your IP Address and surf the web anonymously. You can enable Wi-Fi security and prevent hackers from stealing your personal information, protect your device from malware, phishing, spam sites and malicious sites, bypass Internet censorship and restrictions instantly.

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  All comments (32)
  • 0
    Henokh OK 3 months ago

    Thanks a lot. For free vpn, full speed.

  • 1
    Guest 7 months ago

    That is very important for PC.

  • 3
    Guest 2 years ago
    — Internal program cannot fix
    Pros: wasd
    Cons: wasd

    I can't fix it when clicking the "Fix" button

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